Masquerading as Martin Grayshot, a likable young man, Manon DeMille makes a dangerous journey from Scotland to London to expose a traitor and save her fellow Jacobites. Meeting Sir Justin is not part of Manons plan, but when the handsome Englishman comes to her aid she finds herself unable to leave him.

Justin is shocked by his fascination with Martin and wonders just what the lad is really doing on the road to the city. When they are attacked and Martin is wounded, Justin discovers just why he has been so attracted to the boy and now he refuses to give up the woman he has uncovered.

Manon tries her best to flee Justin and forget the passion she found in his arms. She must unmask a betrayer and avenge her brothers deaths, even at the cost of her own happiness.

Melanie Jackson paints a well-defined picture of 18th-century England by capturing the tone and timber of the language and the mores and social rules of the era and then adding a charming cast of characters. MANON is an intriguing and pleasant tale with just enough history and romance to satisfy readers who enjoy this era. SENSUAL (Jul., 300 pp , $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin