Waystation manager Jude Amos is returning from Ft. Laramie when the stage is attacked by robbers and fellow passenger Dalton MacKenzie is blinded. Jude has him brought to her station where she tenderly nurses him. Without his sight, Dalton envisions a beautiful woman, not the plain Jude who has never felt beautiful in her life.

When Dalton regains his sight he tells Jude why he was on the stage. Her neighbor, Patrick Jameson, hired him to persuade Jude and the other ranchers to sell out to Jameson. While nursing Dalton, Jude began to dream of love; now her fantasies are shattered.

She is the lone cool head in the valley, doing whatever she must to avoid bloodshed. Little does Dalton realize that there are greater dangers than bullets flying. Jameson's daughter, Kathleen, is determined to drive everyone off her land by any means available.

How Dalton learns the importance of caring for another and how Jude keeps her family together through all the dangers and troubles makes A MAN'S TOUCH a great read. Fast paced, well-written and thrilling, Rosalyn West' debut novel under this name is emotional, passionate and enjoyable. This is western romance at its best. SENSUAL (Oct., 362 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin