Image of The Map Thief: A Novel


Image of The Map Thief: A Novel

Terrell's fascinating mystery spans centuries and takes readers on a tour of ancient cities and archeological digs and through the hearts of emperors and kingmakers. Attorney Mara Coyne has the heart of an adventurer, and her second escapade is a thrilling ride from the boardrooms of New York to an ancient burial site in China.

When Admiral Zheng He's armada returns to China after a journey to chart the world and find the Forbidden City, he discovers his emperor's been overthrown, and the new regime wants the evidence of his voyage destroyed.

Despite this, the map created from the journey makes its way into the hands of European zealots and is a closely guarded secret. When a map charting the world is discovered at an ancient site, and then stolen, Mara's unique firm of art historians and experts is called in to find the map and return it to its rightful owner. (Ballantine, Aug., 272 pp., $25.00)
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Pat Cooper