Graduate student Emilie Nazarro receives the offer of a lifetime from an old family friend—decipher the ancient writing on MARDUK'S TABLET (3), said to contain secrets of healing power. Years ago, her father's obsession with the tablet caused his premature death. This is Emilie's chance to find out why. She goes to Israel to work on the translation under the watchful eye of the Israeli government. Forces, both natural and supernatural, converge to swamp Emilie in fear and confusion. The tablet is stolen, she is accused, and she has no one to trust—especially not spoiled rich boy Jack Cabot. In the sudden unraveling of her life, Emilie discovers that friend can become foe, and foe, friend—and the God she thought she had outgrown has never left her side. T.L. Higley delivers a pleasant read with plenty of action. Deeper characterization might have added that elusive spark that sets a book apart. (Sep., 352 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson