Once in a great, great while comes a romance that is literally sheer magic. Favorite storyteller Sandra Heath brings us an exquisite, wondrous tale of two souls drawn together to right a terrible wrong.

When the death of her husband and a fraudulent will claiming their marriage was invalid leaves her penniless, Marigold Arnold is desperate to find a way to support herself and keep her young son at Eton. Staying at an inn in nearby Windsor, she catches the eye of the enigmatic Lord Avenbury, who startles her with a proposal of marriage.

A wealthy husband would certainly solve a lot of problems for her, but why would a handsome and rich gentleman want to marry a stranger, especially one so touched by scandal? And can she really bear to marry a man involved with her beautiful but vicious sister-in-law?

But Avenbury has his own reasons based on a fearsome family legend. And it will take all of Marigolds courage and resourcefulness to lift a thousand-year- old curse and find happiness at last.

Ms. Heath dishes up an incredible brew of druids, enchantments and haunting love to leave you breathless with wonder and joy. A keeper from the very first page! (May, 221 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer