Image of The Marine Next Door


Image of The Marine Next Door
THE MARINE NEXT DOOR (4) by Julie Miller: Single mom and police officer Maggie Wheeler is aiming for her detective’s shield when she’s assigned to help with the Red Rose Rapist case. At the same time, she’s being stalked by her abusive ex-husband and dealing with her sudden attraction to her new neighbor. Returning Marine John Murdock is ready to take his place at the Kansas City Fire Depart-ment, but his war injuries relegate him to the post of arson investigator. Running from his own demons, Murdock witnesses Maggie’s fear and volunteers to put himself between her and danger, no matter the cost. Miller’s characters are so well drawn they feel like family, and the book is the beginning of a new ongoing mystery, peppered with pitch-perfect dialogue, intriguing suspense and perfectly paired partners.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper