Image of Killing the Cobra Chinatown Trollop (Felix Gomez)


Image of Killing the Cobra Chinatown Trollop (Felix Gomez)

Suggested for “mature readers” this graphic novel is just that – graphic. The violence that is an integral part Felix’s life literally jumps off of the pages to grab the reader by the throat. Even though the character’s inner dialogue leaves little room for interpretation, the story is engaging. The standout sections of the piece are the black and white flashbacks of Felix’s time in Iraq. These panels are powerful depictions of the horrors that Felix has endured and they give the reader insight into this complex character.

Felix Gomez received his combat training during the Iraqi War, but his supernatural fighting ability, that comes from being a vampire. Felix can move fast, hit hard and is almost impossible to kill – which makes him the perfect agent to go after the Han Cobra gang and their billion dollar heroine stash. But when Felix only temporarily defeats the drug syndicate, the gang’s leader, Hei Min Dao, vows to destroy Felix Gomez and everything he cares for including Felix's lover the former "Chinatown Trollop". (IDW, November 2010, 104 pp., $17.99, Graphic Novel, ISBN: 9781600107979)

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Dawn Crowne