This second book in Walters’ series comes closer to realizing the potential of a carnival run by Hades, but still falls a bit short. Marko and Kellsie have instant chemistry, but it takes just a little too long for Marko to enter the story. They're combustible when they're together, with some off-the-charts sex. The one who may be stealing this show, though? Hades' evil sidekick Mordecai, who's so fascinating you'll want to keep reading to see what eventually becomes of him.

Kellsie Morris is sure her career as a horror movie actress is on the downswing. So when the chance of a lifetime — to star in a movie with a nice paycheck — comes along, she doesn't ask questions. Turns out, the movie is a ruse; the plot of an enchanted carousel is real, and the remaining animals are cursed. She sets bear shifter Marko free, but now they have to survive the next 24 hours, or Hades will own both their souls. (SAMHAIN, Apr., 272 pp. $15.00)

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Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo