Phillip de Tollard is a deeply wounded young man. He's been denied the love of his father due to his illegitimate birth and relegated to the lowly life of a groomsman. Not only is Phillip gifted with animals, but despite his unhappiness and brooding, he wins the heart of a lady. When the political climate changes in England, resulting in the death of his father, Phillip must flee the country. Will this create further bitterness and turn him into someone no woman could ever love?

Lady Beatrice is a free spirit, smitten with the young groomsman. Spoiled, doted on by her father and in love with Phillip, she has a life that can't get much better. Yet, overnight her world changes, and the hopes and dreams she once had wither. Will God grant her the desires of her heart, or is it too late?

Pella pens a lengthy tale of love found and lost in this moderately paced, entertaining novel. Avid readers of this period may find the author's historical lessons unwelcome, while those unfamiliar with the era will appreciate the explanations. The secondary characters enhance the story. (Apr., 400 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston