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by Pamela Britton

Genre: Series, Harlequin American Romance, Current Series Imprints

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MARK: SECRET COWBOY (4.5) by Pamela Britton: The son of a drunk, Mark Hansen believes he isn’t good enough for Nicki Sable, so he travels from rodeo to rodeo, watching her befriend his biggest rival. Nicki, though, goes after what she wants — and she wants Mark. She asks him out, but neither expects their relationship to stir up a decades-old secret. Britton’s characters are stubborn and flawed, and the supporting cast is wonderful and punches up the story. Readers will thrill to finally have an answer to their questions about Mark and his past in this latest Cody story.

Reviewed By: Pat Cooper

Publisher: HARLEQUIN

Published: September 2010

Reader Rating

4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
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Mark: Secret Cowboy /The Codys First Family Of Rodeo

Submitted by mlacroix on September 14, 2010 - 9:08pm.

Mark Hanson has always competed with the Codys and he's sick of it. He's been secretly in love with Niki Sable, but her father has promised to fire him if he so much looks cross eyed at her. Despite her friendship with the Codys Niki Sable has been in love with Mark Hanson all her life. But her father has made it impossible for them to be together. One day Mark discovers that the man he thought of as his father wasn't his father. Instead it was Walker Cody, who had an affair with his mother before his oldest son Jesse was born. Mark feels cheated. He's been struggling for years to make it on the rodeo circuit and here his half brothers are given everything, he should have shared in.

I liked this book, Mark was a very sympathetic character, but Niki was to much of a daddy's girl it took to long for her to rebel. I can't wait for Elly's and Jesse's stories.