Although this storyline is a common one, the details are competently crafted and the characters come alive. It reads like the first in a series, so further mayhem and daring deeds can be expected soon.

Theron, leader of the Argonaut warriors, has been sent into the human realm to find a chosen one. This woman, marked by the sign, will give his princess life and save the kingdom. It will be a worthy sacrifice for a human to make. Or that is what he thinks before he gets to the human realm and meets Casey. Now his heart is at war with his loyalty to his king and country. Hera has allotted him only one soul mate; how can he send her to her death?

Casey Simonopolous is alone now that her grandmother has died. Then a huge, gorgeous man bumps into her and she falls into a dream world of hideous demons and godlike warriors. The only bright spot is the gorgeous Theron, but he keeps blowing hot, then cold; so Casey is not sure where she stands with him. And her birthmark is doing this strange buzzing, tingling thing. Just what is going on? (LOVE SPELL, May, 321 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan