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Image of Marked

If you're a fan of tattoos and hot sex, you're probably not going to find much better than this. The bonus of having Arend, Dane, and Rocha all in the same anthology is just as good as the writing, which offers a little something for everyone. Like m/m and menage pairings (with an extra helping of public sex)? You'll want to read this first peek at Dane's new series. More a fan of the bad boy/good girl pairing? Then Arend's new series, a spinoff of her Six Pack Ranch series, might be your favorite. And for tons of tattoos, danger, and a heroine who can fight her own battles, both with and without weapons, Kit Rocha brings it all. Here's hoping these three decide to do this again, because three great writers with three great stories featuring tattoos will always be a hit with this reviewer.

In Kit Rocha's "Beyond Temptation", Noah discovers the girl he swore to protect might not need his protection anymore, but might need him in a new way he'd never dared to dream of. Vivian Arend's "Rocky Ride" tells the story of Mitch Thompson, a biker who's fallen for a straight-laced RCMP officer. He just needs to get her to fall for him as well. And Lauren Dane launches a new series with "All That Remains", about a post-apocalyptic utopian society in which Summer falls for a man new to her village, only to find he comes along with a partner she already has a past with. (SELF-PUBLISHED, dl., $2.99)

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Cyndy Aleo