Image of Marooned with the Maverick


Image of Marooned with the Maverick
MAROONED WITH THE MAVERICK (4.5) by Christine Rimmer: Bad boy, renegade and eternal bachelor Collin Traub and good-girl schoolmarm Willa Christensen are lifetime adversaries who have always secretly lusted for one another. When the worst flood their town of Rust Creek, Mont., has ever seen brings them together, they indulge publicly in their attraction under the scrutiny of the town’s prying eyes. When things take a serious turn, Willa must decide if he’s worth the risk of heartbreak and Collin must figure out if he’s ready for forever. Rimmer’s romance is a pleasure to read, filled with belly laughs and a tragedy that gives the tale its realism, as well as a bucolic setting that radiates small-town wholesomeness.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt