She should have known that the Tiga Lodge she purchased for her and her unborn baby was too good to be true. Carissa discovers that the Lodge is part of the Carramer Royal Trust when a very handsome Eduard de Marigny—a childhood crush—shows up in his naval uniform. When Eduard discovers the scam and Carissa's pregnancy, he offers to marry her. Carissa thinks Eduard is only marrying her because he can't father children due to an accident that he had years earlier. She doesn't want charity or pity. Then a fall changes everything, in very different ways, and Carissa finds herself agreeing to marry the man she'd loved since childhood. THE MARQUIS AND THE MOTHER-TO-BE (2) is the third of the Carramer series. Although Valerie Parv does a nice job with the backdrop and characters in the Carramer Legacy series, the story is mostly plot driven, with very little tension or romance.
Reviewed by: 
Judith Rippelmeyer