Gage Morgan travels via riverboat on an undercover mission in the postCivil War South. No female agent is available to pose as his wife, but on the journey, he feels immediate passion for the strangely ladylike Lily Devereaux, who may be able to play the part.

Once a Southern belle, Lily is working her way back home. She bargained her virtue to save her family and their plantation but has escaped the Union officer who betrayed his promise to marry her. Lily's current job on the riverboat isn't to be a lady for hire, but when Gage pays her new boss gold for her, she's faced with a very real lack of choices. She agrees to travel with him, but this time, she demands marriage before she'll cooperate.

Davidson uses her considerable skills to fashion a plausible, first-class marriage-of-convenience romance, with victory over land-grabbing villains and the heart-lifting return home of a woman who dared to save her family from the ravages of war. SENSUAL (Apr., 362 ms pp., $5.25)
Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger