Lady Viola was swept up in a fairy-tale courtship with Viscount John Hammond, but the fairy tale ended when she discovers he only married her for her fortune. The heartbroken bride told him to keep his mistress, and for seven years they lived separate lives.

But with his cousin's death, John inherits the title, and he needs his wife to provide an heir. He finds the opportunity of seducing his beautiful, feisty, sensual wife an intriguing challenge. She's more confident, passionate and intelligent than he remembers—and now he truly wants her more than anything.

Though she strives to resist his shameless teasing and sexy innuendoes, Viola is falling in love all over again. But a shattering revelation drives them apart once more. Viola must find the strength to forgive or lose the love of a lifetime.

Filled with humor, sizzling love scenes and sharp repartee, Guhrke's latest manages to bring poignancy and tenderness to a story of love lost and found. As in the movie Jerry McGuire, Guhrke "has you at hello" and doesn't let go. SENSUAL (Jul., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin