On the eve of her 35th birthday, Cara, wary of her single status, returns home to help her parents sell the family house. While cleaning out the attic she finds an old birthday card with the message, I, Devin Michaels, agree to marry you, Cara Cavarlho should both of us still be single at age 35.

Devins a high-profile lawyer on the verge of burn-out. Hes most amused when Caras mom telephones him and invites him to Caras 35th birthday party.

A grandmother who goes skinny-dipping in public, a mother who plans a wedding when there isnt one, and Caras reluctant boyfriend, the hapless Roger, bring life to this romance. Editing slips and the occasional word omission are at times distracting, but overall, THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT is a very entertaining read. (dl $4.00, dk $5.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sunnye Tiedemann