Without funds or prospects, Anne Burnett turns to an arranged marriage as a way out of her predicament. She weds by proxy and then travels to Scotland to meet her husband, a man who is rumored to be mad.

Aiden finds Anne after a carriage accident and is shocked to discover he has married the unusual English girl. Aiden is well aware of what society thinks of him and he cares little for the ton. Instead he has immersed himself in the Highlands and has been working toward Scotlands independence. He certainly has no need for a wife to interfere in his life and his carefully-laid plans.

Though intimidated by the handsome, proud and determined earl, Anne is just as stubbornly determined to make their marriage work.

Anne is not what Aiden expects and he soon finds himself intrigued by his bride and curious about awakening her sensuality, as she breaks down the barriers he has set around his heart.

Brimming over with the aura of Scotland, this charming, humorous, sexy and fascinating read is pure Cathy Maxwell magic. Youll delight in this dynamic duos confrontations and the ingenious manner in which Ms. Maxwell helps them solve their problem. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin