Image of A Marriage of Convenience


Image of A Marriage of Convenience

The buildup to the romance is steady
and believable in this pleasing story about a woman scorned and the man who rescues her in more ways than one. Rooting for the couple's happy ending is easy thanks to intelligent and sincere writing. Added to this are interesting flashes of the hero's Ghanian culture.

Left at the altar, Tamara is faced with humiliation, bills and a huge mortgage. So she's open to the business arrangement that Ben proposes. But he's not just an immigrant looking for a green card. Ben is a respected scientist and inventor who must secure his status to stay in this country.

Tamara is confident in her abilities but insecure about her plus-size appearance. Ben, on the other hand, is smart enough and secure enough in himself to look past appearance and fall in love with the woman. (LEISURE, Aug., 289 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins