Image of Marriage by Design: A Novel


Image of Marriage by Design: A Novel
Tantrums and regular firings and re-hirings are de rigeur at famed Savard Creations. Bridal designer Mia Savard is used to her brilliant father Lucien's histrionics, but firing all 200-plus employees in one fell swoop is a bit much. Lucien is enraged and Mia horrified when she learns that her exclusive wedding dress design for the governor's daughter has been stolen by arch-rival Heavenly Bridals.

Vowing retribution on whoever leaked the plans, Lucien hires private investigator Joseph Kerr to uncover the truth. Joe and his crack band of misfit employees are sure they're up for the job, but sorting through all the players in this game won't be easy.

Being attracted to the client's daughter -- a prime suspect -- is not good protocol, and Joe and Mia are highly combustible. With Joe trying to put their mutual attraction on hold until the case is solved, Mia is more determined than ever to flush out the culprit.

Romantic comedy and Michaels are a perfect mix. A genuine warmth flows through this story that, when combined with the funny and offbeat characters, elevates Michaels' plotline to rare heights. A gem! (Aug., 421 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith