Though the Shelton sisters London season is planned, Lady Marianne declares she is not husband hunting. She wants adventure and finds it by having her letters published in a newspaper under the title of The Adventures of a Country Lady in London.

The rather scandalous tales raise eyebrows, inciting wonder at the lady and her guardians identity.

When an unusual set of circumstances force Lord Thomas Effington, the Earl of Helmsley, to host the Sheltons, he finds Lady Marianne unique and her attitude toward marriage intriguing. Thomas soon learns that she wants to experience life, and shes certainly a temptation he would like to experience. So Thomas begins giving Marianne lessonslessons in kisses, lessons in love and finally lessons in marriage.

Even a young woman as independent- minded as Marianne has difficulty concentrating when being kissed, and she finds Thomass lessons almost as exciting as writing. But what happens when the lessons become more passionate? Perhaps life can be as thrilling as her stories, unless the ton discovers her identity.

Filled with delicious humor and delectable sensuality, THE MARRIAGE LESSON is a charmer, fulfilling Victoria Alexanders promise as one of the brightest of Regency romances new stars. SENSUAL (May, 380 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin