Will a woman who looks like the perfect wife on paper be the perfect woman in the flesh? Radford, the fourth Viscount Evers, quickly learns that The Marriage List (4.5) is not the way to find a wife. Back from the war, he's a broken and injured man who needs to marry and have heirs. A duke's daughter, Lady Lillian meets all his requirements, but it's one of his tenants, Miss May Sheffers, a woman of uncertain origins, who makes him feel alive again. For reasons Radford cannot explain, May outshines Lillian. While Radford is considering his future, May's life is falling apart around her—there's the possibility of a forced separation from her dear aunt, and her uncle takes pleasure in making unsavory plans for her. Decisions on both sides need to be made in this affecting debut novel by Dorothy McFalls. The characters and their emotions are drawn amazingly well, and the story packs quite an emotional punch. (May, 224 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor