This month also brings us the second installment of Liz Fielding's Boardroom Bridegrooms series. Bram Farraday Gifford is not happy with having to shadow Flora Claibourne for a month, especially when it involves going to a small island to look at a tomb of a "lost princess." Flora is not thrilled with having Bram tag along with her as she tries to investigate the new find for an article she's writing—and she is especially not thrilled when the only word that seems to come out of Bram's mouth is "no," as he constantly thwarts some of her more adventurous plans. But their close proximity yields a lasting effect called love. Could this be the second Claibourne-Farraday wedding? Ms. Fielding's THE MARRIAGE MERGER (4) will keep you on the edge of your seat with an adventurous story about two characters who can really strike up a spark. (#3704)

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short