The fourth and final book in the Marriage to a Billionaire series doesn’t quite live up to its predecessors in the storyline department, but in the sexual tension one, it’s notably red-hot. The plot is rather predictable, but the sexy banter will keep readers engaged. What happens when you pair an uptight, repressed executive with a controlling, playboy billionaire? You get an opposites-attract merger of scorching proportions!

Unlike her happily wedded sisters, Julietta Conte’s work is her life. She has no time for romantic entanglements. Enter Sawyer Wells, her brother-in-law’s friend and an entrepreneur who not only offers Julietta a partnership in his hotel chain, but extends the offer to his bed as well. Julietta is enticed by Sawyer’s multiple invitations but reluctant, thanks to having been burned in a past relationship. Sawyer refuses to let Julietta hold out on him. But is it really the other way around, with Sawyer holding out on her? (GALLERY, Aug., 400 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch