The third in Probst's Marriage to a Billionaire series, this is a light, fast, and fluffy read, best suited for those times when you want to escape to a world of complete fantasy. Borrowing the popular trope where everyone has enough money to not have to think about money, Carina is a reluctant heir to the family company, but her interests may lie outside the bakery business. Max is the typical alpha male: abandoned by his father, thinking he's not good enough, and their romance is cute, if typical. However, elbow-nudging references to a popular erotic fiction book and overly stereotypical references to Italian culture detract from the story, and plot points are tied up a little too perfectly in order to set up for a likely fourth book. If you like your romance with no complications, this is the perfect book.

Carina Conte has been in love with Max Gray her entire life. When she moves to America to learn more about the U.S. arm of her family's business, she's surprised when her brother has her working directly with Max to learn the ropes. She's determined to get around Max's avoidance of her with a one-night stand but when her mother catches them and forces them into marriage, she and Max have to confront their feelings for each other once and for all. (GALLERY BOOKS, Nov., dl., $7.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo