Since he was sent to boarding school, Lord Frayne, Jack Langdon, has been forced to hide a shameful secret: He is a wizard. Magic is not for an aristocrat and certainly not for one of Wellington's most respected officers.

When he's severely injured, Jack's only chance of survival is healer Abigail Barton, who uses her powers to make Jack whole. But Abigail asks an extraordinary price -- Jack must agree to marry her.

Jack weds Abigail in what he thinks will be a marriage of convenience. But love and passion grow quickly as Abigail helps Jack reclaim his innate abilities and he helps her fit into a society whose prejudice against magic could make her an outcast or cost her what she prizes most, Jack's love.

At the center of the beguiling tale is the power of love to release the joy and happiness that comes from accepting one's special gifts. Putney skillfully, cleverly and beautifully combines the paranormal with the romantic and throws in a wonderfully detailed portrait of the era, making her latest pure enchantment. SENSUAL (Jun., 336 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin