With the war in France over, Ellie Brans-Hill accompanies Lord and Lady Sedgewick and their daughter to Paris as a paid companion-chaperone.

It is there that she sees Jack Rigg, now the Earl of Raleigh. Though Ellie has not seen him in 15 years, she still recognizes him.The laughing reckless youth she recalls is now a tall, elegant, cynical man.

Jack doesn't remember her, but he does recall the mysterious gambler Aurora and the passionate kiss they shared at the Palais Royal. Aurora is really Ellie in disguise, and when she is accused of being a thief, Jack is her alibi. Fate brings them together again in England, only this time the consequences result in marriage. But their unlikely partnership blossoms into something more.

They have a murder to solve, and someone is trying to kill Ellie's brother, putting her life in danger too. Could the key to this mystery be someone right under their noses?

Thornton has a special talent for creating fast-paced historical intrigue. With her mature writing, a strong hero and a no-nonsense heroine, this is a wickedly sensual romance to be enjoyed. SENSUAL (Jul., 357 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond