Image of The Marriage Trap (Marriage to a Billionaire)


Image of The Marriage Trap (Marriage to a Billionaire)

What a fun romp around sexual politics, desire, and what it means to be an independent woman. Maggie is both inspiring and infuriating. Why is a talented and amazing woman like her plagued with so much self doubt when it comes to love? Michael understands Maggie's vulnerabilities and emotional desires as well as her instinctive need to protect herself. In fact, Michael has a better read on Maggie than she does on herself. While a fake marriage is totally unbelievable, the hilarious family settings and European adventure make the suspension of disbelief worth it. As the two give into their fantastic chemistry, readers can't help but swoon over this Italian treat.

It was a deathbed promise — that's the only reason Italian billionaire Michael Conte is getting married. In order for his baby sister to marry her longtime sweetheart, Michael has to get hitched first. When he learns photographer Maggie Ryan will be in his Italian hometown at the same time as him, he schemes to fool his family and pass Maggie off as his bride-to-be. Not that that will be easy. Maggie is a fearless, creative, in-charge kind of woman — definitely not the traditional wife his family envisions. Besides, Michael and Maggie have tried the dating thing — and it was a nonstarter, though not for lack of chemistry. But once they cross the Atlantic and start acting like a couple in love, it turns out that they might not be pretending after all. Is this a faux marriage, or the best decision they've ever jumped into? (POCKET, Oct. 2012, 320 pp., $7.99)

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Maria Planansky