In a unique twist on love and marriage, Carl Weber has given us a novel from a mans perspective, written in the first person by four central male characters.

Life-long best friendsKyle, Allen, Wil, and Jayhave always looked out for one another. Kyle begins to question his relationship with his wife following a false arrest incident with the cops. Allen finally has a job and is now contemplating marrying his very materialistic fianci. Everything seems fine with Wils marriage until his wife begins listening in on his phone conversations with Jay. And Jay, well, he just doesnt seem to understand the fidelity concept of marriage.

Life is never dull as they find out just how difficult life can become when trying to keep both friends and wives happy.

Mr. Webers refreshing take on a males view of love and marriage makes for a truly page-turning novel. Created with depth and feeling, the friends candor lends a sense of realism and credibility. (Sep., 368 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sherri Melnick