Image of Married on Mondays


Image of Married on Mondays

HoneyB is an activist who moves
beyond the realm of educating women to
encouraging action, specifically, sexual stimulation and gratification. This quick,
titillating read will whet the adult appetite.

Mason Montgomery taught his daughters, Deja, Foxy and Victoria, to stick together no matter what. By day, they work with their lawyer husbands, but at night, they run an upscale swingers club with a clientele that includes judges, politicians, soccer moms and housewives.

Business is booming, until the police chief tells Foxy that if she doesn't sleep with him, she'll go to jail. The women must decide whether to stand together and fight, or risk losing their business. Fulfilling the sexual fantasies of others by night may mean jail time for the sisters -- and marital ruin. (GRAND CENTRAL, Mar., 304 pp., $21.99)

Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton