Constance Lloyd leaves the South and the bitter memories of the Civil War to become a governess in England. It is by a quirk of fate that she attracts the Prince of Wales' attention and becomes an overnight sensation and engaged to a duke, Philip Hasting.

Constance is no quiet English miss, but a self-assured American with her own ideas of independence and spirit who is surprised when her fianc sends his best friend, Joseph Smith, to escort Constance to Hastings House.

After an adventurous journey (complete with highwaymen) Constance discovers that she is attracted to Mr. Smith and after days at Philip's home she realizes that she may not be able to become the kind of wife and "lady" Philip's mother expects.

Constance's problems intensify when they are invited to the Prince and Princess of Wales' weekend party. Once more confronted with Joseph she is more perplexed then ever, wondering what secrets this self-made man has hidden deep inside.

With some surprising announcements by Philip, help from Mr. Brown, Queen Victoria's man, the prime minister and her own resourcefulness Constance manages to be drawn into intrigue and discover a great love.

The original title of this delightfully entertaining romance had been "How to Marry a British Lord" and like the famous film "How to Marry a Millionaire," it's full of wonderful characters, several romances, a little mystery, a forbidden love and a surprise ending. Judith O'Brien just keeps giving readers what they want-a good, strong, well-crafted, clever and witty read. SWEET (Oct., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin