The warm and witty pleasures of a Lynn Kerstan Regency romance are at your fingertips this month.

What do you do when for all intents and purposes you are alone in a crumbling old house and you hear a burglar trying to break in? Miss Diana Whitney arms herself with a cast-iron frying pan and fells the intruder with one blow. Of course, he turns out to be the long-absent owner, a handsome colonel recently returned from the Americas.

What the devil is this unknown girl doing living in his house? Now that he has accidentally compromised her, is there any solution besides a marriage of convenience? But when the lady refuses his offer, Alex Valliant realizes that his heart as well as his honor demands her as his wife.

Weaving a magical ambiance for her lovers, Ms. Kerstan creates an alluring romance out of adversity that will make readers sigh with delight. (Oct., 216 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer