In order to save his ancestral home, Devon Sheridan, Earl of Huntington, a widower with two children, needs to marry an heiress. It seems that wealthy American Georgina Pierce will suit his needs.

To please her father, Georgina accepts Devon's proposal. Though she believes he can never love her, he will give her a home, a sense of belonging and children.

After a passion-filled wedding night their dreams are shattered. Georgina's father dies and she discovers she is penniless. In his anger, Devon denies the marriage bed, but it's a decision he'll regret, for Georgina brings love and laughter to his family and his life.

During the staid Victorian era a clash of cultures brings together a starchy, aristocratic Englishman and an outspoken Texan, gifting readers with a poignant, entertaining, non-stop read. SENSUAL (Sep., 380 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond