Reporter Tara OConnell is determined to run a story on elusive bachelor businessman Brian Hanrahan and his companys impact on several small Irish towns. While researching her story, Tara ventures into the local pub in Brians hometown and witnesses the birth of an outrageous idea. It all starts when Aileen McEnright arrives at Ladies Night to lament about her boyfriends refusal to marry her. As the women talk, they realize that there hasnt been a wedding in the village for four years. They blame this partly on the footloose life Brian seems to epitomize.

The women decide they need to force their men to take them seriously. They will refuse to cook, clean or give comfort to the men, until they see the error of their ways. To Tara, this is a gem of a story and after she promises the women not to publish anything until their boycott is complete, they agree to talk to her on camera. But when Tara comes face-to-face with the attractive Brian, she may find herself falling for his Irish charm.

Ms. Hendrix has produced a mischievous and delightfully warm tale brimming with the charm of Ireland. The age-old never-ending romantic duel between the sexes has never been more fun. (Apr., 336 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith