Chloe Fox-Hamilton is determined to get Fergus McCloud to drop the idea of using her father's political scandal in his next thriller and gets the perfect opportunity to persuade him when she spots a drunk Fergus at a nightclub. With no recollection of the night he spends with Chloe, an intrigued Fergus is determined to get to know her and unravel her secrets, yet once he does, he wishes he hadn't. Fergus discovers a startling secret that threatens their relationship. The second book in Bachelor Cousins, Carole Mortimer's TO MARRY MCCLOUD (3) has two very vivid, lifelike characters who have a lot of energy and an intricate and entertaining conflict. The only criticism is that the characters, story execution and the romance are too similar in tone and behavior to the first book in this series.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short