After dating for four years, Maddie Summers is tired of waiting for her banker boyfriend, Jeff Oglethorpe, to propose. Her best friend Sophie Lane convinces her to make an appearance on Sophies television talk show, Sophie Knows. The topic is Marry Me or Move On. Maddie and Sophie have gotten an unsuspecting Jeff to make an appearance. Jeff once again equivocates and Maddie decides she has had enough.

After watching Sophie Knows, Maddies brothers, Lance and Reid, want to pound Jeff into the ground and make him marry Maddie. However, their friend Chase Holloway is stuck grappling with the fact that little Maddie has grown up. Big time.

MARRY ME, MADDIE? is a charming, humorous and flat out fun read. Rita Herron is an author to watch. (Aug., 363 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith