Image of Marry Me, Millie


Image of Marry Me, Millie

This traditional Regency plays on
the reader's emotions from the
beginning, but the constant battle between the hero and heroine grows tiresome after a while. Once external conflicts come into play, the story settles into an interesting battle of wills.

Millicent Dunsworthy and her friend are involved in an accident that brings her in contact with her old flame, Lord Marlesquin. Suffering from partial amnesia and several injuries, she is forced to stay in Quinn's home while her friend retires to the country.

Quinn's suspicious of her selective amnesia about the accident. Several misunderstandings drove the pair apart 15 years before, and although Quinn still desires Millie, the secret that separated them still exists and must be resolved. Complicating the picture are his mother and her uncle. Will it take a life-or-death situation to reconcile their differences? (IMAJINN/FOREVER REGENCY, Jan., 206 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown