Since her father's death, Liberty Ann Justice has run his Wyoming town newspaper, publishing her outspoken editorials on Women's Suffrage. She is expecting a representative from her employer, the Savage company, to arrive at any moment to close her down. When Donovan shows up, Liberty assumes he is the one.

A card playing drifter, Donovan is amused when the feisty journalist mistakes him for the wealthy Adam Savage and decides to play along with her game. Intent upon saving the paper, Liberty follows Donovan to San Francisco and straight into his casino and then to Savage Publishing's offices. Though she may claim to hate Savage, she begins to love Donovan.

Surprising revelations about Donovan's heritage, Liberty's need to fight for justice, the growing passion between them and the ruthless nature of the Savages plunge these two unforgettable characters into peril.

This lively romance with a strong feminist overtone will steal your heart and warm your soul. Sharon Ihle blends the perfect proportions of love and laughter with poignancy and passion. A truly delightful novel! SENSUAL (Mar., 368 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin