Widower Ash Morgan does not want a wife. But hes getting one anyway, for his daughter needs a mother. Hes raised her without boundaries and she is a hellion.

Sarah Jane Parker finds a way to escape her life in Ashs letter asking for a wife and mother for his child. What Ash expects and what he gets are two different things.

Sarah Jane can be a true lady, but she can also be an outspoken hoyden. His daughter Addy does not want another woman in her home. Though their relationship is rocky, Sarah Jane understands Addys feelings.

Ash finds Sarah extremely attractive, but doesnt want to make love to her until they know each other better and hes sure shes staying. Sarah Jane wants to start a school to teach the young boys that work at the mine and she wants a true marriage.

After drinking too much punch at their wedding reception, Sarah seduces Ash. Things are looking up, but when Sarah starts her school, Ash is furious and Sarah Jane is terrified that he will find out the truth about how she came to be his wife.

THE MARRYING MAN is fast-paced and filled with wonderful repartie. Little Addy is a real charmer, turning from foul-mouthed tomboy to a little girl with a big mouth. Millie Criswells classic mail-order bride romance with a twist will whet readers appetites for the next book in her series. SENSUAL (Apr., 200 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager