Image of Marrying the Marquis (Flambeau Sisters)


Image of Marrying the Marquis (Flambeau Sisters)

The outrageous and outspoken Flambeau sisters return with a romantic mystery. Grasso does her best storytelling when there are animals involved. This time there are horses and a loyal mastiff to enliven the tale, to say nothing of a delightful heroine and a sexy hero.

Blaze Flambeau, one of seven of the Duke of Inverary's illegitimate daughters, talks to animals. Her dream is not marriage and a family, but to race her thoroughbred, Pegasus. However, the Duchess keeps throwing bachelors her way.

Three men vie for Blaze's hand, but only Scotsman Ross MacArthur understands Blaze's emotional and physical needs. He proposes helping her train Pegasus and gently nudges her into becoming his lover, not that Blaze resists. Adding to their romance is the mystery surrounding a jockey's death. When Blaze disguises herself as a man to ride Pegasus, she places herself in the killer's path. Only Ross' love and her determination help unmask the murderer can bring Blaze the happiness and love she craves. (ZEBRA, Dec., 350 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin