Image of Marrying the Scarred Sheikh


Image of Marrying the Scarred Sheikh
MARRYING THE SCARRED SHEIKH (3) by Barbara McMahon: Living a secluded existence in Quishari suits widowed glassblower Ella Ponti perfectly. She's free of her domineering family and able to grieve and practice her craft in peace. Then oil field firefighter Sheikh Khalid al Harum inherits the property she's occupying, and everything changes. Khalid's inquiries into her past bring Ella's brother to her doorstep, and Khalid's effort to rectify the problem by saying they're engaged complicates her life, especially when Ella really falls in love with Khalid! The author's persuasive style carries this story a long way, and the plot and characters are fine, but their reasons for continuing their fake engagement become contrived before long.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer