Image of Marrying The Virgin Nanny (The Nanny Network #1960)


Image of Marrying The Virgin Nanny (The Nanny Network #1960)

MARRYING THE VIRGIN NANNY (2) by Teresa Southwick: Hired by wealthy developer Jason Garrett to care for his infant son Brady, nanny Maggie Shepherd plans to stay for six weeks, then move on. But Jason makes her an offer she can't refuse: If she'll marry him and continue looking after Brady, he'll donate a million dollars to the orphanage where Maggie grew up. What's supposed to be a business deal gets personal fast, but can Jason give Maggie what she really needs? A problematic storyline isn't helped by the characters -- Maggie's easy to admire, but Jason's cold, manipulative treatment of her is inexcusable, despite his past, and her love for him strains credibility.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer