With her mother's tragic death, little Sarah Ann is left in U.S. Marshal Ben Masters' care. Vowing to protect the child, Ben turns in his badge to bring Sarah Ann, the heiress to a fortune, to her family's ancestral home in the wild Scottish Highlands.

From the moment they arrive in Scotland, Ben knows that someone is trying to kill them. When they reach Sarah Ann's home, Ben discovers a bitterly divided family. Though he's fought outlaws all his life, Ben finds a new and insidious danger in Scotland.

He's also in danger of losing his heart to Sarah Ann's incomparable aunt, Lisbeth Hamilton. Intelligent, gentle and caring, Lisbeth is set upon saving her home and raising horses; exactly what her sister-in-law and cousin are against.

Ben realizes he has brought Sarah Ann into a nest of would-be vipers, and might be jeopardizing her life. Relying on his marshal's instinct and his heart, Ben strives to unmask the villain and find the love and security of a lifetime.

Though Patricia Potter has moved from her traditional Western setting to the Scottish Highlands, THE MARSHAL AND THE HEIRESS is everything a reader could want from Ms. Potter: remarkable characters, deep emotions, a marvelous story and a top-notch read. Be sure to have this one on your "must read" list! SENSUAL (Sept., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin