Lovers of a good space opera will have few complaints about Kelly's book. Lieutenant Leia Ballore is tasked with the rescue of two L.A. police detectives who have been kidnapped by space pirates for sale into sexual slavery. Readers would have no fun unless the stalwart heroine and her team met with numerous snags along the way. And, of course, when a band of women transport gentlemen handsome enough to be recruited into prostitution, one or two travelers are bound to fall in love.

Readers with even the merest affinity for a good Star Trek- or Star Wars-esque yarn will savor every scrape and quagmire in which Leia finds herself. Kelly's futuristic setting is rich with detail, and she paints visual images of her worlds well. The best part of the book is the lack of clear-cut good-and-evil factions; the villains possess lovable qualities, and the heroes have their fair share of hubris. Elements like this make the story more plausible.

Readers looking for a hard science fiction novel should seek complex discussion of gravitational pull elsewhere. This well-crafted space opera depicts hardy folk in swashbuckling circumstances, flying their rusted, banged-up space junk into the light of a star rising above the horizon of a new world. (dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Scarpati