Image of The Martinez Marriage Revenge


Image of The Martinez Marriage Revenge
Shannay Robins and Marcello Martinez had a whirlwind courtship and marriage that quickly crashed. Shannay went home to Australia, unaware that she was pregnant, and somehow never got around to telling Marcello. Four years later, at an amusement park with her daughter, a chance meeting brings an unhappy Marcello back into her life. He's determined to spend time with his daughter, and Shannay is dismayed that she's still in love with him. He is physically attracted, but what about emotionally? Helen Bianchin's The Martinez Marriage Revenge (4) is a wonderful story that features a sensual and passionate couple with explosive chemistry. They learn that pride and lack of communication almost made them lose the most important thing in their lives: each other!
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers