Image of Masked by Moonlight


Image of Masked by Moonlight

Prolific author Gideon kicks off a gritty new UF series featuring the unlikely relationship between a New Orleans detective and a shifter who is a crime lord’s right-hand man. The back-to-back releases mean that readers get immersed quickly into this darkly shaded world, where right and wrong can get blurred. Definitely a series to keep an eye on!

Detective Charlotte Caissie is investigating the brutal slaying of T-Bob Gautreaux, a wife-abusing gambler. It almost appears as if an animal ripped T-Bob apart. Following the trail of T-Bob’s debts, Charlotte wants to question crime lord Jimmy Legere, which means getting past Jimmy’s big dog, Max Savoie. Against her better judgment, Charlotte is strangely attracted to Max, and almost feels a link. Max has dark secrets and until now the only person to gain his loyalty is Jimmy, who saved and raised him. Despite Jimmy’s disapproval, Max’s attraction to Charlotte cannot be ignored. But as the deaths mount and the evidence points toward Max, the repercussions of their relationship could be explosive. (POCKET, Jun., 364 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith