Qasim has returned with a nefarious scheme to free his fellow hobgoblins. It includes the deaths of hundreds of children, lured to him when he poses as a mall Santa.

On the run from her goblin relatives with her two young siblings in tow, Zee Finvarra sees Qasim and recognizes what he is. A mixed heritage of human, goblin and fey lets her sense the evil he intends. Determined to warn those at Cadalach, the fey stronghold, she is sidetracked by a goblin-created ice storm.

Nicholas Anthony, doctor and non-believer in all things Christmas, ends up in the same cabin as Zee and gets drawn into her plight. He discovers things he never dreamed were real, including the possibility that he may not be as human as he thought.

Readers who have come to expect wonderful things from Jackson will not be disappointed. Her ability to create a complicated world is astounding with this installment which includes heart-warming moments, suspense and mystery sprinkled with humor. An excellent read. (Sep., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley