Ms. Rileys feminist take on history along with her unique wit and historical accuracy have made her novels favorites of readers who want a womans outlook as well as great historical fiction. She takes her hallmarks and adds a twist of the occult in her latest page turner.

Catherine de Medici has been known to practice the black arts and when she wants to rid the kingdom of her husbands mistress, Diane de Poities, she searches for the Undying Head of the Menander, the Mangus known as Master of All Desires.

The head is in the possession of young intellectual, Sybelle Artaud de la Roche, who hopes it will bring her all that she desires: beauty and the man she loves.

When the Queens astrologer, Nostradamus, uncovers her plan, hes caught between his shrewd and often ruthless mistress, a nation on the brink of war and a woman who would do anything for love.

Bringing together real historical personages with a believable story of magic and mystery takes the hand of a master storyteller. Ms. Rileys fans will truly enjoy her special and clever angle on history and the little millennium twists she throw in here and there. This is a book to enjoy. (Nov., 386 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin