A bit of a slow start and some cutesy dialogue can’t spoil this imaginative and exciting story. With a creative take on djinns (genies) and werewolves, the novel features a unique and engaging treatment of traditional archetypes. Characters experience expertly written and well-paced growth, creating a wonderfully strong connection to the reader.

Ian is an immortal djinn who lives in the mortal realm with his living descendant (and apprentice), Donatti. A former thief with some weak powers of his own, Donatti reluctantly accompanies Ian on his quest to kill every last member of the Morai clan, who long ago killed off Ian’s clan. Things go from black and white to very gray when they stumble upon a mysterious Morai compound in the Appalachian Mountains, and are later saved by a Morai-turned-monk. When a violent crew of Morai inbreeds invade Donatti’s home and kidnap Ian and his wife, Donatti must figure out what the Morai are planning and learn to harness his powers. (POCKET, Apr., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Leah Hansen