Carr’s latest is definitely a pleaser. The premise is delightfully naughty: Readers familiar with BDSM will enjoy how Ryan “dominantly” embraces his new favorite pastime, while readers less familiar will revel in learning practices along with Ryan. This erotic novel is highly engaging and immensely fun, but the awkwardness and lack of true connection between Ryan and Lisette outside of the bedroom could make this a deal-breaker for some readers.

After 15 years, newly divorced Ryan Tomasi is ready for a fresh start, eager to find a submissive partner in the world of BDSM. However, since Ryan is fairly new to BDSM, he needs a woman who can show him more than just the basics. At a private sex club, Ryan meets Lisette, a beautiful woman who loves playing the role of the submissive and happens to be seeking out a dominant, yet caring, partner to fulfill her needs. (LOOSE-ID.COM, dl $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun